My Best Day So Far as a Landscape Photographer

How can one measure their best day? You get that question sometimes. What has been your best day? Your wedding day, the birth of a child, avoiding a speeding ticket while you were clearly at fault? These are all great days of course. But what about your hobby or your profession? What about something lessContinue reading “My Best Day So Far as a Landscape Photographer”

Top Reasons Why Mount Rainier Is a Landscape Photographers Dream

In case you didn’t know, Mount Rainier or Tahoma as some of the locals refer to it as is in Washington State about 60 miles southeast of Seattle. It is the tallest in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and is also considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to its proximity toContinue reading “Top Reasons Why Mount Rainier Is a Landscape Photographers Dream”

How I Started in Landscape Photography

Hello. My name is Paul Marcoe and I’ve lived in Washington State my entire life. I love the Pacific Northwest and sharing the beauty of this area through my nature photography. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’ve always had a passion for photography but mostly as a casual observer. I started with a 35mmContinue reading “How I Started in Landscape Photography”